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Reiki taster session

Offer valid 5th June 2017 - 20th December 2017

Reiki is a simple natural relaxing and safe method of healing and self improvement for everyone who is willing to give it a go. It has been effective in helping virtually any known illness and malady, and always creates a beneficial effect. Reiki only brings good and treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It promotes relaxation, and feelings of peace security and wellbeing

How many sessions you require will depend on lots of things such as how much you are off balance physically, emotionally, or spiritually. For instance chronically or acutely ill, severely depressed, and feeling very anxious would be good examples for receiving lots of Reiki maybe daily, a few times per week or even once a week. The best thing is to start with one session and see what you want to get out of your sessions. Going once a week or once a month is a good start. How long you have had the issue, and how open you are to receiving reiki. Just after one session you will feel the benefits of relaxation and a deep sense of well being so is the perfect add on treatment to add to all beauty treatments in particular relaxing treatments a great stress buster on its own or alongside any other treatment you wish to book, when you need a little extra pampering and tlc.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself 20 MINUTES -£10

for further information on Reiki please read the Reiki section.