Aromatherapy is a relaxing, gentle massage using essential oils. It is a holistic therapy, which considers the harmony and balance of the human mind, body and spirit. The different blend of oils has many benefits on the body systems, and can help with the emotional & physical state. Also helps to clear the lungs and deepens breathing. Soothes and calms the nerves, temporarly relieving pain. An aromatherapy treatment will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed. Ideal for stress, depression, Insomnia or anxiety.

After care / Homecare

Try to rest as much as possible after the treatment

Avoid driving if possible as you may feel sleepy

Drink plenty of water

Eat a light meal

Do not shower/ bathe/ wash hair -8 hours

Avoid alchol, heat, or heavy spices

No ultra-violet

No alternative treatments

No products for 16 hours


Back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Back massage 30 mins £30
Relaxing massage 50 mins £35

Includes the back, neck, and shoulders. The back of the legs & feet, de'colletage, face & scalp.

Full body massage 60 mins £40

Includes the back, neck, and shoulders. The back & front of the legs & feet, the hand & arms, (stomach is optional) face & scalp.

Add REIKI from just £10 for added TLC