Half leg £15
Full leg £20
Bikini wax £15
Underarm £10
Eyebrow wax £10
Upper lip £7
Chin wax £7

3 areas for £30

Lower arm £10
Full arm £15

Do not have heat treatments 24 hours after waxing - this includes sunbeds, sauna, steam swimming, hot baths, and sunbathing.

Please note - hair must have 2-3 weeks growth prior to waxing or the size of a grain of rice.


  • Avoid any heat treatments including hot baths or showers as further heat could irritate or burn the area.
  • Avoid swimming, perfumed products and make-up on facial areas and deodorant on underarms as they will irritate the open follicles for up to 24 hours until any redness has gone down.
  • Avoid tight clothing - this will prevent the skin from breathing and may cause further irritation.


  • Exfoliate the area 1-2 times per week to prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • Use a moisturiser/body lotion daily.
  • Avoid using soap. Use soap free body washes instead as these will prevent the skin becoming too dry.